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Commissions and Gifts from other talented artists

Here's some of my personal favs:
Show me your skills by GoldenTigerDragon Com: In the Courtyard by DragginCat Ari by Jetera Siblings by Rylucius Commission - Rylucius by SweetLhuna Ari relaxing by stefi-heartlilly Rylucius com by cynder-dragon-spyro Rylus by nancher CM: Planning Our Next Move by SoronaDragon .:Blue River:. by Rorita-Sakura CM:The Garden by cynder-dragon-spyro Ari headshot by Rorita-Sakura

Random Favourites

Music of the Day

:star: :cd:Overcoming Sadness:cd: :star:

OZ/The Sword of Etheria :icondragonmusicplz:

Games I Play

ace attorney stamp by Blobeh Final Fantasy XIII Stamp by JackdawStamps Trauma Center stamp by Tet-Stamps Legend of Spyro: DOTD Stamp by BloodMoonWerewolf persona 4 stamp by Zocho Eternal Sonata the Stamp by anime-dragon-tamer Tales of Symphonia OP Stamp by linkhero55 Dangan Ronpa Stamp by Ryxedieos Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 by DennyVuQuach Kingdom Hearts Stamp by winter-ame Super Smash Stamp by Kyllian Fire Emblem Awakening Stamp by Masked-Gamer



Music And Dance by azianwolfdoll Magic can Happen in Rio by Huai Welcome to Paradise by Huai It Happened in Rio by Huai Support Blaze by YamiLover13 .:HTTYD stamp 4:. by dannyphantom300 Break the stamp by 1Bitter1SugarMixed Oshawott Stamp by ecokitty Princess Sally Acorn Stamp by kiss-the-thunder Enya stamp by ZlayaHozyayka Renamon by Miss-Dicess Stamp - I Heart Dragons by ValkAngie NO SMOKE STAMP by schtolz Original Characters Stamp by nitchzombie Bentley Jones Stampu. by SPEAKERnight stamp: Kuma - Teddie luv by Schieska Stamp: Wacom user by sionra TC Markus Vaughn Stamp :heart: by Adalishu Trauma Team- CR-S01 Stamp by Snowcatt ToS - Lloyd Irving Fan Stamp by hiiragi-the-tempest ToV - Yuri Lowell Fan Stamp by hiiragi-the-tempest Repede stamp by xaiGatomon ToG - Asbel Lhant Fan Stamp by hiiragi-the-tempest Phoenix vs Layton Stamp by fireproofmarshmallow I love Apollo stamp by Siplick Edgey Stamp 2 by NowellsStamps Non-Spyro Dragons Stamp by DarkDijinArtie89

Art Status 7/26/2013

Paid for commissions:

:iconamirah-the-cat: - :bulletgreen: Received What are you gonna do now? by Amirah-the-cat on 7/24/2013. Paid $15 USD for a sketch commission with 2 characters.

:iconnordeva: - :bulletgreen: Received Rylus by Nordeva on 5/24/2013. Paid $20.72 USD (15€) on 2/13/2013 for a shaded/detailed single character.

:icongoldentigerdragon: - :bulletgreen: Received Show me your skills by GoldenTigerDragon on 11/8/2012 Paid 900 :points: on 10/22/2012

:iconamandadahamster: - :bulletgreen: Paid $15 USD. Paid and Received on 4/19/2012 for a chibi commission of Rylus. (Check via notes)

:iconnancher: - :bulletgreen: Received Rylus by nancher on 5/22/2012
Received Ardith by nancher on 5/24/2012
Received Rylus and Ari by nancher on 6/6/2012
Paid $65 USD total on 3/11/2012 for 3 commissions

:iconnancher: - :bulletgreen: Received on Ari the dragon by nancher on 10/4/2012 Paid 400 :points:

:iconket-n-ksenon: - :bulletgreen: Received Sunset by Ket-n-Ksenon on 5/17/2012. Paid 305 :points: on 3/10/2012 for 2-character with a complex background.

:icondraggincat: - :bulletgreen: Received Com: Rylus by DragginCat on 5/12/2012. Paid $6.50 USD on 3/4/2012 for Full body 1 character with bg

:icondraggincat: - :bulletgreen: Received Com: In the Courtyard by DragginCat on 9/1/2012.
Paid $10.50 USD on 5/14/2012 for 3 character with bg.

:iconamirah-the-cat: - :bulletgreen: Received Co:Walking travelers by Amirah-the-cat on 8/9/2011; started since 6/22/2011 :star: Decent job on the details for some parts
Paid $40 USD

:iconurnam-bot: - :bulletgreen: Received Comm - Aryanne by Urnam-BOT on 7/18/2012 Paid $7 USD.

:iconsoronadragon: - :bulletyellow: Paid 1030 :points: for 6 commissions total since 3/25/2012
:bulletgreen: Received CM: Ari Comic Style by SoronaDragon on 8/5/2012
:bulletgreen: Received CM: Ardith Comic Style by SoronaDragon on 8/5/2012
:bulletgreen: Received CM: Rylus Comic Style by SoronaDragon on 8/5/2012
:bulletgreen: Received CM:On Watch by SoronaDragon on 8/6/2012
:bulletgreen: Received CM: Royalty by SoronaDragon on 9/23/2012
:bulletgreen: Received CM: Planning Our Next Move by SoronaDragon on 11/5/2012

:iconsoronadragon: - :bulletgreen: Received SunSet View: Commish by SoronaDragon on 8/7/2011; Started since 6/28/2011
Paid 50 :points:

:iconascira: - :bulletgreen: Received Time for a Break by Rylucius on 7/27/2011 ; Started since 7/18/2011
Paid $10 USD

:iconkeraia::iconspazmatastic: - :bulletgreen: Received Rylucius by Keraia on 8/9/2011; Started since 7/26/2011
Paid 170 :points:

:iconstatic-ghost: - :bulletgreen: Received Orlansya by Static-ghost on 8/26/2011; Started since 8/6/2011 :star: Excellent artwork performance!
Paid for 1400 :points:

:iconyorialu: - :bulletgreen: Received CM - See What I Can Do by Yorialu on 8/18/2011; Started since 8/13/2011 Paid 80 :points:
:bulletgreen: Received CM - Rylus Headshot by Yorialu on the 9/17/2011; Started since 9/16/2011 Paid 50 :points:
:bulletgreen: Received CM - Rylucius by Yorialu on 10/22/2011; Started since 10/14/2011; Paid 80 :points:

:iconlunethetiger: :bulletgreen: Received .:Comm:. Hang in there! by LuneTheTiger on 2/4/2012; Started since 8/13/2011 Paid 250 :points:

:iconwhittyp308: :bulletgreen: Received CO: Rylucius by WhittyP308 on 2/21/2013; Started since 8/23/2011 Paid 155 :points:

:iconsweetlhuna: :bulletgreen: Received Commission - Rylucius by SweetLhuna on 10/9/2011; Paid since 8/13/2011
Paid $31.06 USD (30$ CAD)

:iconxnir0x: :bulletgreen: Received What comes out at night by xNIR0x on 11/27/2011;
Paid 800 :points: since 8/22/2011

:iconazzy98: :bulletgreen: Received ..:CO For Rylucius:.. by Azzy98 on 10/8/2011; Paid since 8/22/2011
Paid 50 :points:

:iconeternaldragoness: :bulletgreen: Received Commission : Rylus by EternalDragoness on 11/12/2011; Started since 8/27/2011
Paid 50 :points: + 200 :points: BONUS

:iconenigmatic-ki: :bulletgreen: Received on 10/21/2011. Paid $93 USD since 9/3/2011 :star: This is MEGA-beyond belief!! This fabulous artwork really blew off my mind!!! It was definitely worth the investment for requesting this commission from this artist. My many thanks for the creation of this magnificent piece of art. It'll definitely be a nice asset to further spread and create my stories and future artworks!

:iconcynder-dragon-spyro: :bulletgreen: Received Rylucius com by cynder-dragon-spyro on 11/11/2011, started since 9/26/2011
Already paid $32.50 USD

:iconshalonesk: :bulletgreen: Received Commish - Rylus and Ari by shaloneSK on 9/28/2011;
Started since 9/26/2011;
Paid $40 USD
:star: As her reputation states, she's amazingly quick, mostly accurate and perceptive!! *She's the very first artist I've ever asked who's gotten my central OC Rylus's rear wings on his tail just right* Highly Recommended!

:iconsweetlhuna: :bulletgreen: Received HeadShot - Silva by SweetLhuna on 1/8/2012; Started since 11/9/2011;
Paid $10.16 USD (10$ CAD)

:iconseeraphine: :bulletgreen: Received It's Snowing :CM: by Seeraphine on 1/1/2012; Started since 12/10/2011;
Paid 65 :points:

:iconrorita-sakura: Started since 12/11/2011;
:bulletgreen: Received .:Blue River:. by Rorita-Sakura on 1/23/2012 Paid 300 :points:
:bulletgreen: Received Rylus Headshot by Rorita-Sakura on 1/20/2012 Paid 70 :points:
:bulletgreen: Received Ari headshot by Rorita-Sakura on 8/17/2012 Paid 70 :points:

:iconweirdhyena: :bulletgreen: Received headshot sketches via notes on 11/14/2011; Awaiting since 11/12/2011;
Paid $10 USD ~ Paid $5 on 12/10/2011 for another head sketch

:iconjewel-thief: :bulletgreen: Received on 1/15/2012; Paid 100 :points:
:bulletgreen: Received PC - Sights off a Skyscraper by Jewel-Thief on 2/16/2012; Paid 450 :points: on 1/7/2012 for a full detailed commission with 2 OCs

:iconstefi-heartlilly: :bulletgreen: Received Ari relaxing by stefi-heartlilly on 3/18/2012;
Paid $15 USD on 1/13/2012

:iconderuuyo: Paid 6 Months Premium Membership
:bulletgreen: Received CM: Rylus by Deruuyo on 10/24/2011
:bulletgreen: Received CM: Rylus, Ari, Ardith by Deruuyo on 11/7/2011
:bulletgreen: Received CM: Silva by Deruuyo on 11/18/2011
:bulletred: Cancelled 3-character type commission as of 3/11/2012

Gifts and Prizes:

:iconinspireddragons: Free request received PeachesNCream by InspiredDragons on 8/2/2012

:iconsweetlhuna:'s Kiriban prize - :bulletgreen: Received Kiriban - Chibi Ari by SweetLhuna on 8/18/2011; Started since 8/7/2011

:iconurnam-bot:'s Free sketch - :bulletgreen: Received 20 Sketches 14 - Rylus by Urnam-BOT 10/9/2011; Waited since 9/17/2011

:iconlocrospy: Free Request - :bulletgreen: Received Rylus sketch 2 by Locrospy on 2/20/2012

My thanks to all artists for their hard work and efforts!

Thank you for your birthday wishes and BronyCon!

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 29, 2014, 8:34 PM
How's it going fellow art watchers and dragon enthusiasts? Rylucius here!

First off, I want to reach out and give my thanks to those who said "Happy Birthday" to me. It is very meaningful and I am very grateful for your courtesy and thoughtfulness. I did get a blu-ray/dvd combo pack of "Rio 2" and some new video games.

Next, I got a new big announcement to make. Coming this weekend, I'll be heading off to BronyCon. I'll be just wandering around as an con attendee rather than vendoring. I'll be checking out at some panels, dealer's and the artist alley. But I am definitely aiming to meet with Tabitha St. Germain. I will also be participating in playing the MLP Collectable Card Game (CCG) with other con goers, which I find the card game to be engaging and interesting.

If there's anyone else who's gonna be there and want to meet with me, let me know in the comments below the journal and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

I'll keep you watchers and viewers later informed as soon the convention starts and as I get more information at the convention later on. Until then, this is Rylucius and I am off for now.

Later guys!

Update: Here's my badge: My BronyCon badge by Rylucius

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  • Playing: MLP CCG/Fighting is Magic
  • Eating: Curry Noodles
  • Drinking: Coca Cola


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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Artist | Gamer | Connecticut

Commissions - On Hold by SweetDuke Kiribans - Open by SweetDuke Collaborations - Friends Only by SweetDuke
Collabs are for friends ONLY

Kiriban: 30,000

:bulletgreen: New Commission Prices:
:bulletblue: Come join me in my Facebook page:
:bulletyellow: I now have a FurAffinity account:…

Skype: (Just ask me)


My dream is to become a character concept artist for an animation or video game company. I'm always looking for something to help further polish up my own art skills and willing to learn some new art and design software to add to my repertoire. As you can see from my arts, I personally am in love with dragons so much.

I'm considered as an avid gaming otaku, but I don't exactly watch alot of anime though! Normally, I like playing games with an engaging story development, a nice soundtrack, decent-to-excellent gameplay, mostly found in J-RPGs (Japanese Role Playing Games). I'm also a real big fanatic of "Tales of" series!

I would love to chat or to have fun around with. Also, please don't be offended if I don't get to respond back to your comments. I usually read all my comments, but majority of the times cannot respond to them all. I got a life as well, ya know.

Favorite genre of music: J-pop, Fantasy, Video game and Anime soundtracks, New Age
Favorite style of art: Anime/Manga (All the way than any other art styles)
Favorite cartoon character: Sally Acorn, Renamon, Blaze The Cat
Characters with similar traits as myself that I can relate: Miles Edgeworth, Naoto Shirogane, Nozomi Weaver/Naomi Kimishima


~ Smoking (Strongly intolerant)
~ Anybody who has zero interests in manga, anime, video games, and no appreciation of animated movies, original stories and creativity
~ Anybody who use and took advantage of me for their own selfish gains
~ Betrayal, breaking my heart, my trust, my loyalty, lied to or any ways of bringing harm to me
~ People or certain individuals who don't talk things over peacefully and just spreading nasty lies behind your back or hiding behind a computer or iphone rather than direct confrontation.
~ People being jealous, mean, selfish, ignorant, pessimistic, discriminant and inconsiderate
~ Perceived and treated unfairly and poorly
~ Bullying (I was a bullied victim twice during my grade school times.)
~ Ex-Friends


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